Mango Pickle – Keri jo Aathnu

Mango Pickle

Methi (fenugreek) Mango Pickle

Summer, Oh wonderful Summer!! We wait endlessly for summer to roll on by and when it does… It seems we get busy pickling, jamming, bottling and stuffing summer into containers to savor in the winter months that lay ahead.

This weekend I picked up a bag full of green mangos, available at this time of the year. If you’ve never had one, maybe this summer will be a first. Green mangos are quite unlike their yellow counterparts. They are quite tart and crunchy to munch on. Basically, they are the raw version of the voluptuous yellow orbs that frequent most grocery stores.

My mum, the best damn cook I know, would cut the unpeeled green mangos into long slivers. Sprinkle them with cayenne pepper and salt, and serve it as a condiment with our main meal of the day. My sister and me, would later make mango pickle sandwiches and eat it as a snack. The pillowy softness of the thick slices of bread slathered with butter and layered with the mangos were absolute perfection… I’m drooling right now!

Well… back to the main topic… so with the bag of green mangos I picked up, I made a huge batch of mango pickle, called Methi Mango Pickle. It’s main ingredient, besides the mangos, is fenugreek named ‘methi’ in several Indian languages.

Spooning Pickle into a Jar

Spooning Pickle into a Jar

There are literally hundreds of ways to pickle mangos, using a plethora of ingredients and they can get quite complex.  I have chosen to share with you one of my favorite recipes that’s quick and easy to make. I use a spice blend, that’s all natural, for the pickle and it’s never failed me.

For several weeks after pickling, the mangos are firm and crunchy and as they age in the jar they become soft and tender.  So I urge you to give it a go… it’s great watching it turn from one state to another, without a flame in sight.


You will need:

(Yields around 6 x 8oz jars, enough to last us most of the year into early spring)

6 large firm raw mangos (about 6″ in height)

12 tablespoons pickle masala (you may need more according to heat level required)

1/2 cup flavorless oil, like grape seed or rice bran oil


To make:

It is imperative that the mangos do not come into contact with water after they have been washed.  This will prevent the bacteria from setting in. *Please read tips below

Wash and thoroughly dry the green mangos.

Raw Green Mangos

Cut the mangos into 2 inch squares, removing and  discarding the pit from the middle.

Chopping Mangos

Chopping Mangos

Place the mangos into a bone-dry large nonreactive bowl (I use a stainless steel bowl).

Green Mangos ready for pickling

Green Mangos ready for pickling

Sprinkle with the Pickle Masala.

After Adding Methi Masala

After Adding Pickle Masala

Leave the mangos to mingle with the spices on counter overnight, covered with a net.

Drizzle with oil. With an impeccably clean and dry spoon, mix to coat the spices evenly.

With Less Methi Masala

Pickle Masala as for recipe above


With More Methi Masala

With More Pickle Masala (I add about 4 more tablespoons)

Pack into sterilized jars, close tightly and refrigerate.

Bottles of Methi Pickle

Bottles of Methi Mango Pickle


Tips and Advice*

  • It is very important to use dry utensils, when preparing the pickle and after the pickle is made. This helps to preserve the pickle longer.
  • After cutting open the mangos, do not use if it ‘s a little soft and the flesh is turning a darker yellow. The flesh should be cream in color and firm.
  • Discard any brown or bruised spots inside the mango.
  • I would buy at least one more mango to make up for any bruised or discarded pieces.
  • The spice blend can be found at any Indian food store.
  • The spice blend is called “Methi Masala” or “Pickle Masala”.
  • The picture below shows two varieties of pickle masala.  I use the one to the left which is bright red.
Two Varieties of Pickle Masala

Two Varieties of Pickle Masala


I hope you enjoy pickling mangos as much as I do.  When growing up it was a family affair!  So many fun moments and memories shared when pickling together.  I would suggest getting together with a friend to make it.  It’ll be tonnes of fun!




12 thoughts on “Mango Pickle – Keri jo Aathnu

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  2. Pickle looks amazing – Gorgeous pictures!….my husband is a closet follower of your blog! He had a good chuckle at the description of the “voluptuous yellow orbs”! 🙂


    • Hi Gina! You can get the pickle masala at TBS mart in Bloomington. It’s off 494 and Portland Avenue. Let me know if you need help finding the masala. Have fun pickling!!


    • They sure are delicious and the smell is intoxicating. The whole room smelt great after the mangos overnight bath in pickle masala!! 😉 thanks Sarah for stopping by.


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