My First Award!

wordpress family blog award         I, recently, was kindly nominated my first award by Hotdish.  I humbly accept her nomination and am truly happy to be part of the wonderful blogosphere of food writers.  Thank you! If you haven’t already, you may want to take a peek at HotDish’s Blog. I enjoy reading her posts, as she focuses on a single dish she has eaten at a particular restaurant on her many travels. Go on take a look… you won’t be disappointed.

Here are the rules in accepting these nominations:

  1. Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you
  2. List the rules
  3. Share seven facts about yourself
  4. Nominate up to 15 other blogs
  5. Proudly display the logo on your blog

So here goes…

  • I love to listen to the rain splattering on rooftops
  • Love freshly grilled prawns, especially sucking on the head of the cretaceous creature to savor the delicious juices
  • Appreciation of delicious food makes the world go round, I believe if particular world leaders were nourished with wholesome food made with love, the world would be a better place
  • Dishes cooked with offal, especially goat brain, definitely make me happy
  • Please, please, please don’t tell me chemicals and colors in food cause no harm!
  • Lastly but not least, I cannot let a day go by without eating ghee in some shape or form

Here’s a list of fellow blogger’s I’m absolutely loving right now and would love to nominate them

  1. Feeding The Sonis


  1. Creating Beauty in the Kitchen

  1. Traditionally Modern Food

  1. The Botanical Baker

  1. The Flavor Nook

  1. Papaya Pieces


It’s been very exciting being part of the blogosphere and a superb learning experience.  Thanks to all the tips from all the wonderful bloggers out there!

20 thoughts on “My First Award!

  1. Shamim….I’m so sorry! I am just now seeing this! I must not have gotten a notification for it for some reason. First of all, congrats! So exciting! It was fun to read your answers. I too like to hear rain….but the goat brain….I will leave that to you. 😉
    Thanks for nominating me! I am smiling! Will hopefully write a post soon!


  2. Congrats Shams! You deserve it! It’s been a fabulous year of posts n I couldn’t be prouder when sharing your blog with everyone I know 😀 I know you gonna keep em coming!


  3. Congrats Shamim! You totally deserve the recognition, and I’m sure this will be the first of many more amazing things to come your way! Looking forward to eating with you soon 😉


  4. Congratulations! I have to be creepy with regards to your 5th point please please please and say the the E number E-300 is vitamin C 😉 Otherwise, I too totally agree that homemade food is so important, chemical and artificial colours are a big no no! xx


  5. thank ya’, ma’am 🙂 And congrats to you! It will be the first of many, I am certain. As I’m behind on everything right now, I will be getting around to officially accepting eventually. Stay tuned… Hope to see you soon.


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