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I have tonnes of fun teaching Indian Cooking Classes during the Fall to Spring months.  It takes a lot of preparation and hard work to get it right.  And it’s so worth it when I see the happiness and excitement on the participants faces.

The nervous smile I see at the beginning of the class, when I pass each person a tray of spices, is replaced with beaming faces flushed with excitement as they leave the class with a knowledge of each spice and the know how of making their own curry from scratch.

I absolutely love sharing what I know of spices and cooking Indian food with anyone who has the passion to learn.

My classes are fun, exciting and vibrant!  Need I say more.

Here’s a couple of reviews collected by the community education department at the end of my class.  They have kindly shared with me these comments.


What did you like about the course and/or the instructor?  Would you recommend this class to a friend.

  • “Shamim is friendly, encouraging, able to multitask and improvise.  Yes, fun and intersesting.”

  • “She was excellent at explaining the process and sharing each step.  Yes, the food was easy to make and very tasty.”

  • “Instructor was very approachable and helpful.  Yes, I had fun and loved the food, yum!”

  • “Shamim was very patient and explained all the steps and reasons why each spice is used.  Yes, so good!”

  • “She’s very enthusiastic and tells lots of extra stories.  Yes.”

  • “Patient, knowledgeable, interactive.  Yes, fun, meet new people.”

  • “Friendly and very knowledgeable.  Yes.”

  • “Excellent, easy to follow class, right pace and good information.  Yes.”

  • “Very calm and pleasant.  Clear instructions. Yes.”

  • “Relaxed and Informative. Yes.”

  • “Shamim was very nice and made it fun. Yes, I’m glad I took it!”

  • “Shamim should have a cookbook added.  It was a great class!  Yes.”

  • “Friendly and informative.  Yes, yummy!”

  • “She knows the topic very well and adds lots of extra information.  Yes, absolutely.”

  • “Enthusiastic, Passionate and very knowlegable.  Yes.”

  • “Positive, Energetic, very well Organized and Passionate about food.  Yes”

So there you have a it!  Just a little bit about what the participants think 🙂

Hope to see you soon!!!

For the love of ghee,



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