My Spice Cupboard


Spices … Spices …. and more Spices

I have to admit, without any guilt, that I am shamelessly and utterly  in love with spices.  My heart does skip a beat or two when I think about them, truly.  Walking into spice markets gives me a thrill like no other.

The exotic fragrances engulf my sense of smell, there’s the woodsy, earthy, spicy, nutty and pungent smells that are unquestionably intoxicating.  The colors of the spices are absolutely stunning, the fiery reds and oranges of the paprika and chilli powder, the sunset oranges of the shades of turmeric, sandy brown coriander, the oily-olive of ground cumin, and the earthy red of a freshly ground gharam masala, is a breathtaking sight.  I have been very luck to have experienced spice markets in different parts of the world and every one of them has been an adventure in itself.

I have been thinking for a while, I might add, about introducing the spices I use to my fellow readers.  The question was how??  I know you’d like to know about them in all their complexity which is great but it can be a little overwhelming considering the vast array of spices.  And quite frankly, I felt a little intimidating doing this in one giant post.

Therefore, I came up with the idea of introducing one spice at a time until I have covered them somewhat.  I’ll write a blog post on a single spice and then add it to this page.  I believe this is a brilliant idea, if I may say so!  Okay kidding aside…

I’m very excited to share with you what my Mum and Grandmas passed on to me, and maybe a little more!



powdered turmeric





















Still more spices to come … one post at a time…  Hope you enjoying the tutorial so far…


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