Ghee Goor and Roti – Crumbled Roti Sweetened with Jaggery

Ghee, goor and roti is my go-to comfort food.  I’ve turned to it on countless occasions to pacify my emotional well being.  This is such an endearing sweet meal and is close to my heart.  It gently screams to me of family, togetherness, good friends and most importantly being loved.  And with Valentines Day around the corner, Ghee, goor and roti makes the perfect dish to be shared amongst the people you care most about.


Ghee, goor and roti was my all time favorite as a little child and still is… and I’m sure will remain so, for as long as I can chew.  Wait a minute – I haven’t told you what Ghee, goor and roti is, have I?   First of all it’s a sweet dish, usually eaten at breakfast that I promise will warm your heart once you’ve taken that first delicious bite.  Well, it’s a pretty simple dish to make by reheating a couple of rotis, tearing them into really small pieces, drizzling them with loads of ghee and sprinkling with spoonfuls of jaggery (goor).  Oh… sigh… pure heaven … it’s so comforting to eat and tastes even more unctuous eaten with bare fingers.


My kids would eat this everyday for breakfast if I’d let them.  I do add a couple of spoonfuls of ground almonds, saffron and a good pinch of ground ginger to give it an extra boost.  Simply irresistible.  Now I have to say there is absolutely no point in scrimping on ghee in this dish.  You might as well throw it out the window, seriously!

It’s been a little over a year since I wrote my first blog recipe.  I’ve had lots of ‘ups and downs’ writing For The Love Of Ghee, mostly good stuff and I won’t beat around the bush, it’s been a rather steep learning curve and I’ve loved every moment of it.  In celebration of this anniversary I wanted to share a special recipe with you that means a lot to me and here it is – Ghee, Goor and Roti!

I hope you enjoy this as much as my family does and it someday becomes a staple in your home too.


3 home made rotis or 3 wholewheat tortillas (see tips)

2 1/2 tablespoons ghee

3 tablespoons goor (jaggery or palm sugar – see tips), plus more if you like it sweeter

3 tablespoons ground almonds

couple of strands of saffron

a large pinch of ground ginger

To Make

Reheat the rotis or wholewheat tortillas, if using, in a toaster oven for a minute on the lowest setting.  Or heat on a hot griddle for a minute each, turning over half way.  Tear into small pieces and place in a large shallow bowl.


Scatter on the ground almonds and dot with goor or palm sugar, if using.


Heat the ghee over medium high heat till hot but not burning hot.  Gently drizzle over the mountain of roti, goor and almonds.  There is something therapeutic about this, so take your time.


Crumble the saffron in your palm and sprinkle over the mixture.  Dust on the ground ginger and, with not so nimble fingers, gently knead the ingredients so that they meld into each other.  This is an act of love so try not to be in a rush.


The mixture should be warm.  If it has cooled a bit, simply toss into a frying pan and heat gently.  Tumble the ghee, goor and roti into a bowl and serve immediately.

Ghee, goor and roti can be doled out into bowl and eaten with a spoon.  In this case, I would go the extra mile and add a splash of whipping cream, making it more delectable.

Or you could do what I do in my home.  I shape little mountains with my fingers and line them up on plate, well that is if there last long enough on the plate to form a line…

  • Tips

Jaggery or Goor, is used in India to sweeten many foods.  It’s unrefined cane sugar and is somewhat considered beneficial to your health as it contains some form of minerals.  Goor can be found at most Indian grocers and usually comes in block form.  You may have to use a knife to break off a piece if its too hard.  I, sometimes, zap it in the microwave for a couple of seconds to make it a little pliable.  You may be lucky enough to find some goor that has the texture of toffee, this works really well but the harder block is good too. Palm sugar is a good substitute for goor and can be found at any Asian, Mexican or any Health food store.  Since Coconut Sugar has become readily available, I use that too as it does impart some of the caramel taste associated with goor.


Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Readers!!!

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