Indian Spices 101 Cooking Class

Recently, I was fortunate enough to teach a class on Indian Spices to a bunch of very enthusiastic participants!  It was such a fun class to teach.  After sharing my knowledge of the various Indian spices with everyone, they made a curry in class and were confident enough to experiment with the spices at home too.

Here’s a couple of photos from the class.  Some photos are courtesy of the participants.


Masala table

A sample of spices

Spices 101

Demo on how to make Chicken Curry before participants attempted to make it too.

This after all, was a hands on class therefore each participant cooked a dish of choice with the spices from their Masala Dhaba (spice tray).  Woohoo!

An "oh, Okay" moment, yay! This why I love teaching!


Another fun moment with my speedy student!


Mixing those Masalas


Let's get those Masalas


Finshed product - Easy Chicken curry!

Chicken Curry and Masala Eggplant made by participants who have not cooked Indian Food from scratch before. They did such a great job!


fun cooking times

Yogurt with tempered spices called raita

Yogurt with tempered spices called Raita an accompaniment to the meal we had together.


It was a wonderful evening cooking to Bollywood (Indian) music surrounded by the heady aroma of Indian spices dancing around us!

Each participant took home a spice tray with enough spices and some ghee, to replicate the dishes at home.


I really want to thank the participants, in this class and the classes before, for being there.  You make my cooking classes a successful and super fun experience.  I really do love sharing what I know with you.

Thank you!


So there a little fun piece that was in the Woodbury Bulletin this week! yay!

So here’s a little fun piece that was in the Woodbury Bulletin this week! yay!


Looking forward to my next class “Cooking Authentic Indian Food at Home”



13 thoughts on “Indian Spices 101 Cooking Class

    • Thanks Asma. Wish you were so I could whip up some chicken curry for you even if it is at 9am lol. As for the apron, I received it as a gift from a good friend. Will find out where she got it from. Will email you with the info.


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