African Banana Puri – Banana Dumpling

My Grandmother’s Recipe

If you’re craving something not too sweet and delicious with your coffee or tea (chaa), this is the recipe for you.  I won’t beat around the bush, but I struggled a little thinking of the best way to describe this to you.  The puri is not, by all means, meant to be soft and fluffy like a beignet or doughnut.  It is rather solid, moist and crunchy all at once.  I ate these puris countless of times during my childhood.  If I had to put a finger on it, I would say the banana puri  to me is the equivalent of a doughnut to some, that is if we were talking about childhood nostalgic foods.

If you’re lucky enough, when you’re frying the puri’s they puff up into these balloon like disks, creating a hollow center.  I love peeling away this layer and eating it first before polishing off the rest of the banana puri.

Making the dough is a lot of fun and easy.  Although I do love mushing up the bananas, grabbing handfuls of the earthy dough to make the puris is always a treat, they feel grainy, moist and sticky.  Reminding me of making mud pies in the rain…


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Banana Fry

1 tbsp ghee
3 ripe bananas, sliced thickly
1 tbsp brown cane sugar 

Melt the ghee in a small shallow pan over medium heat.

Throw in the sliced bananas and sprinkle with the sugar.  
Lower the heat and wait patiently for it to do its magic.  
The bananas will slightly bubble and splatter for a couple of minutes. 
When the they look soft and slightly mushy.  Stir gently.  
Simmer for a couple of minutes longer and then pile the yummy gooiness into a plate and serve with hot crispy roti and a good cup of hot chaa. Continue reading