Introducing Shamim’s Pantry Pasture Grazed Ghee


Hi my dear friends and fellow bloggers!

Again… it has been a tad bit too long since I wrote to you last. ¬†As I mentioned in my previous post I was working on “Project Ghee”, well I don’t think I called it that exactly … but it sure does sound good right now ūüôā

Anyway, let me tell you what I’ve been up too. ¬†I’ve been preoccupied with ‘GHEE’, now I’m sure you shaking your head and thinking, “Really Shamim, like you had to tell us that!” (sarcasm intended) ¬†Well, of course it’s ghee. ¬†Ghee all the way baby!

Since the beginning of this year, Continue reading

Achaari Chicken – Chicken with Spicy Mango Pickle

Achaari Chicken

“Nah! ¬†It’s not really cold yet!” ¬†I’ve been repeating this to myself every day. ¬†Well… the¬†weather hasn’t dipped that low yet. ¬† Come on, don’t frown – it’s Minnesota for goodness sake! ¬†If I complain of the cold,¬†I might as well pack my bags and leave.

Walking to the bus stop yesterday morning was bitterly cold.  I felts little streams of tears running down my face and no, I was not crying,  my eyes were watering from the bitter wind blowing into them. Continue reading

Cloves in My Spice Cupboard



Cloves (lavang or laung)¬†are the dried flower buds of an evergreen tree. ¬†It’s heady aroma immediately wafts out of¬†my spice box when it’s opened. ¬†It has a strong distinct woodsy smell, and a bite into the bud will immediately release a warm sweet heat in your mouth.

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Coriander in My Spice Cupboard

As promised, I am sticking to my plan of introducing one spice at a time to My Spice Cupboard and heres one more – Coriander.

Coriander seeds

Coriander (dhaania) Seeds  are the seeds of a mature cilantro plant. The tannish yellow globes are very light in weight and have a subtle citrus flavor. They are grown in Europe and in India too. The coriander seeds grown in India tend to have a more of a citrusy flavor. When selecting them at the store, they Continue reading

Turmeric and Lemon scented Crunchy Anchovies

Anchovies sprinkled with turmeric and paprika

Growing up in Zimbabwe¬†I ate little fish called ‘kapenta’ – basically a fesh water anchovy. ¬†My mum would marinate them in lemon juice, sea salt and turmeric and Continue reading